Is ProductTank a non-profit company?
ProductTank is a meetup. We are not for profit, and we are not a company. 


As a sponsor, do we pay ProductTank to put on events?
No, not specifically. We don't take money from our sponsors.


What do sponsors actually do with ProductTank?
Sponsors help ProductTank identify venues (sometimes it is their own office location), and cover the cost of food, refreshments, and audio/video equipment for the presentations.


Aside from purchasing food and/or refreshments for a meetup, are there any other costs to sponsorship?
It depends. For example - if you're a company that does not use audio/video equipment within their office space (such as a PA system), then we would ask you to cover the cost of renting or purchasing the equipment.

If you're a company that does not have access to a large enough space to accommodate a ProductTank RTP event, then we would ask you to find an event space of your choice, and cover the cost of renting the space and A/V equipment. 


Can we sell our products at ProductTank?
No. We apologize, but we can't allow sponsors to sell their products at our meetups. We want to ensure that our members do not feel like they are getting a sales pitch from sponsors.


As a sponsor, what do I get in return for sponsoring ProductTank?
As a ProductTank sponsor you will get the following:

  • 5-10 minutes of time during our events to talk about yourself and your company.

  • A table or place to present your company materials and career opportunities.

  • Opportunities to pass out company information and/or career opportunities at our events.

  • We (ProductTank) can include one of your senior professionals as a guest speaker.

  • We include your company logo on our website and meetup page.

  • We mention you on our meetup page and/or online platforms.

  • Many thanks from the ProductTank community :)


If I sponsor an event, can I have one of my coworkers or senior management do a presentation at the event?
Yes! We would gladly welcome your colleague as a guest speaker. Please keep in mind that we would ask your colleague to present on a topic that is connected to the event theme.


I'm interested in hosting ProductTank RTP! Who should we get in contact with to make this happen?
Feel free to reach out to any one of the ProductTank RTP Organizers